DSSHerbicide Germany

DSSHerbicide is a decision support system for weed control in winter wheat.

DSSHerbicide is customized for agronomic conditions in Mecklenburg-Vorpommeren, and can easily be customized also for different regions, crops, weeds, herbicides, conditions, etc.

The tools in DSSHerbicide are test versions and are developed as a part of a project funded by the South Baltic Cross-border Co-operation Programme aiming at providing advice for reduced herbicide use.

A limited number of weed species and herbicides are available

Stephan Goltermann, LALLF / Friederike de Mol, UR

Updates 2018
Did you know that….?
The program behind DSSHerbicide has been used in Denmark for 20 years.
Activities right now in the field
It is time to survey your winter wehat fields and report to Problem solver
(01-03)  -  (31-05)

On the official web page for State Authorithy for Food Safety, Agriculture and Fisheries (SAF) you can find reports for the validation trials carried out in Mecklenburg-Vorpommeren by SAF